This year, LRN celebrates 25 years of elevating behavior. As a pioneer of the Ethics & Compliance industry, we reach this important milestone during one of the most disruptive corporate culture periods of our time.

25 years ago, before Enron, the housing crisis and #metoo, Dov Seidman founded LRN on the principle that the world would be a better place if more people did the right thing.

LRN is the only E&C company with a philosophy at its core. It provides a platform grounded in an understanding of the human-centered values that inspire behavior change.

LRN’s adaptive cloud based SaaS technology based on 25 years of experience, provides corporations with the tools to ensure that the millions of people that represent them can effectively be inspired to do the right thing every day.

Our History

If you can scale trust, truth and proper governance, then capitalism is still the best system for harnessing human potential and unleashing what makes human beings special.

— Dov SeidmanFounder, LRN