LRN is comprised of innovators, experts, and big thinkers who aspire to bring out the best in themselves and each other—we bring our passion and commitment to work with us every day.

LRN aspires to function as a human operating system, one in which success is achieved by unleashing and connecting the potential of many individuals, who each choose to work together on a single unifying mission. Rather than being coerced or motivated towards performance, human operating systems create freedom to thrive for each contributor by ensuring that each is valued, supported, and part of a system of mutual accountability.

People & Principled Performance Council

The PPP focuses managing our day-to-day operations, determining our market strategy and execution and creating opportunities for our people to thrive. Above all, it is dedicated to ensuring that all of these objectives are met in a manner that reflects our HOW philosophy and mission to inspire principled performance.

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Dov is the Founder and Chairman of LRN. His career has focused on why HOW matters and HOW companies and their people can operate in both principled and profitable ways. That’s the inspiration behind his book, HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything, which was expanded to include a Foreword from President Bill Clinton. Today, the HOW philosophy is being used to impact how businesses operate, cities are run, soldiers are trained, school systems prepare their students and staff, and professional sports franchises use values for competitive advantage. The HOW philosophy was recognized as one of the nine rules for companies to embrace in Thomas L. Friedman’s seminal book, “The World is Flat.” Dov’s ideas have also been featured prominently in Friedman’s best-selling “Hot, Flat and Crowded,” “That Used to Be Us,” “Thank You for Being Late.”

Fortune called Dov the “hottest advisor on the corporate virtue circuit,” and The Economic Times named him a “Top 60 Global Thinkers of the Last Decade.” Dov is a Harvard Law School graduate with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in moral philosophy from UCLA and a graduate degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from Oxford University.

Dov’s proposals before the U.S. Sentencing Commission, arguing that companies must move from a check-the-box, compliance-only approach to focus on fostering ethical cultures and behaviors, were adopted and are the very standards by which companies, cultures, and programs are judged. Dov writes frequently about leadership for the New York Times and Fortune. Most recently, Fortune invited Dov to share his views on the moral imperatives of modern leadership at the Vatican. In a follow up article on the topic in Fortune’s Change the World issue, Dov was called the “corporate whisper” because of his “ability to take the challenges that CEOs and other leaders face in their day-to-day roles and place them in a broader context of decision-making—one that brings into greater focus the real effects on coworkers, community, and the enterprise itself.” Dov has also been named a “Game Changer” by Time Magazine and “One of the Top Thought Leaders of the Past Decade” by The Economic Times.

Dov holds master’s degrees in moral philosophy from UCLA and Oxford as well as a law degree from Harvard. He has received an honorary doctorate from Hebrew Union College. Dov was honored as the 2014 Corporate Organizational Excellence in Organizational Development Award winner for demonstrating a 10+ year commitment to organizational development and effectiveness.



Prior to joining LRN, Blumberg was Chairman and CEO of Return Path, Inc., the company he founded in 1999, until its sale to Validity, Inc. in 2019. Under Blumberg’s leadership, Return Path won numerous prestigious business and leadership awards for its ‘people first’ culture. Prior to founding Return Path, Blumberg was General Manager of the Internet division of MovieFone, Inc. (777-FILM) until the company’s acquisition by AOL, and had previously worked in venture capital and management consulting. Blumberg is a co-founder and serves as Board Co-Chair of Path Forward, a non-profit whose mission is to empower people to restart their careers after time spent focused on caregiving. Matt is also the author of Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business, which is based on his blog on entrepreneurship, Only Once ( Matt graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Urban Planning in 1992.



Tom Bubeck is LRN’s Chief Operating Officer. He is also Chairman of LRN’s People & Principled Performance Council, which manages day-to-day operations, determines market strategy and execution, and creates opportunities for LRN’s people.

Tom joined LRN in February 2016. Previously, he was the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Relationship Science, an information services startup, where he also was a member of its Board of Directors. There, he helped guide the company’s global operations, corporate strategy and development, sales and marketing, and human resources.

Prior to joining Relationship Science, Tom was Chief of Staff of S&P Capital IQ, a division of McGraw-Hill Financial, overseeing the company’s major non-U.S. operations centers in Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Manila, and Buenos Aires. He also led the groups responsible for global licensing and contracts, content acquisition and strategic alliances, and compliance.

Tom previously held various positions at Capital IQ (prior to the merger with S&P), including General Counsel, Managing Director of Client Development (including sales, client support, and marketing) and Head of Business and Legal Affairs.

Tom is a graduate of Columbia Law School and received a Bachelor of Arts from Stony Brook University.