LRN’s instructional philosophy focuses on matching the right content to the right learner at the right time to deliver maximum efficiency and efficacy. Our ethically-infused courses are configurable, modular, self-paced, and respectful of time-on-task.

Microlearning strategy

  • Short, bite-sized content modules and standalone learning assets combine to create an engaging and unique microlearning strategy that fits your employees’ schedule and training needs
  • LRN’s hundreds of options include short modules, vignettes, videos, infographics, quizzes, and more
  • It’s not just replacing longer courses with shorter modules—learner retention is also driven by providing a sequence of like content in diverse formats over time to make it truly “stick”
  • LRN’s exclusive blueprint for cascading learning campaigns increases efficacy

Flexible and configurable development

  • Ensure learning experiences are relevant and specific to your organization and employees with our configurable approach to course content—hide what you don’t need, reveal what you do
  • Differentiate the learning experience by role, seniority, length of employment
  • Minimize learning time for employees of your choice with test-out options; set the difficulty of questions to ensure learners truly know the content
  • Select and string together the microlearning modules right for your target audience and outcomes

Diverse and relatable characters and settings

  • LRN’s courses put individuals in the shoes of relatable individuals grappling with realistic choices and situations that are rife with ethical grey areas
  • Just like life, your employees discover how to do the next right thing rather than simply the next thing right. Making the best decision given the circumstance builds ethical decision-making ability.